Spray Foam Insulation Kits

Spray foam insulation kits are polyurethane foam which is pumped into the walls of a home to insulate the walls and everywhere else where insulation is needed. The main advantage of such kits are it helps keep the hot breeze outside during summer and again the hot air inside when its winter thereby helping the human body to stay at an optimum temperature. The foam is uniformly distributed through big holes and cracks and when it dries up it seals them and this making it practically impossible to crack through it. Since these kits are made of polyurethane foam these are also called spray polyurethane foam insulation kits.

There are numerous advantages of spray foam insulation kits for blow in insulation, some of which are already mentioned above. The sprayed foam sticks to any and every surface be it metal or wood or bricks or concrete or tiles. The cell structure of the polyurethane foam is perfect for buoyancy and floatation use. Spa bath and also Jacuzzis could be installed to save energy by reducing heat loss. Cured foam can also be painted thereby covering up the work done without making the home look bad.

Just like every product have its own pros and cons, same goes for spray foam insulation kits. These kits are usually very expensive by almost twenty percent higher than any other type of insulation. There are practically no cheap spray foam insulation kits. Moreover some may say the process is not neat because at times it is observed that foams are seen at places which were not intended due to sloppy work by the professionals. Excessive foam can also buckle up the wall because the foam expands when it dries itself. This has led many consumers to label spray foam insulation kits as a not so neat piece of work because lets face it, nobody want to see walls buckle up in their dream home which happens when poorly used.

In general professionals are hired to do these kinds of jobs but things are a little bit different for spray foam insulation kits. There are certain types of kits which area available in the market which helps one to set up his or her own kit all by himself or herself respectively. These types of kits are called spray foam DIY insulation kits, where DIY stands for Do It Yourself. So we have a good understanding by now about the merits and demerits of a spray foam insulation kit before using one at home.